HGH Supplements – Are they safe?

Posted on 26th August 2011 in Anti-Aging

HGH should be banned and should not be in any form be patronized! They simply don’t work; may it be HGH releaser, HGH injections and even HGH spray. I just happened to read this information from one of the reliable news magazine. The media created all false advertisement regarding HGH and now they are trying to give out the right information.

HGH simply offers a lot of side effects, that is the reason why the media is trying to ruin its name now. The most common know side effect before is just skin rashes. Most are wrong about this…

What is HGH and how does it affects in the aging process?

To put it simply, HGH is responsible for human growth. HGH level increases from early childhood to adulthood to complete our bone density and muscle mass. Our physique is dependent on HGH levels, without HGH, we can’t grow completely. HGH is very important, we die without HGH in our system. HGH decreases as we age and that is the reason we grow old. Scientists, in an effort to slow down aging invented HGH injections (more costly), HGH supplements and HGH sprays to help us combat aging.

What are HGH supplements?

Since HGH injections are too costly, people turn to HGH releasers for help. HGH supplements are HGH releasers and they are packed with somewhat chunks of amino acids which help the body regenerate HGH. When more HGH is produced, it will help our skin, bone and muscle get firmer and stronger. The method takes some time because our body needs to adapt to the new HGH substance, it should not be less than 3 months to do that. The HGH releasers won’t give you HGH, as most people believe, it only helps the pituary gland regenerate HGH.

Are there Side Effects?

For natural HGH releasers, there are very few reported cases and usually it is a case of misuse or abuse to the product. The myth is that our body needs a lot of HGH. It is fatal to believe that we need more HGH. Our system requires only enough growth hormones. Too much HGH can cause protruding of bones or altering your facial structure because excess HGH will still grow bones and muscles but the thing is it will grow abnormally.

It is wrong if you think you can still go any younger, once you see the result after 6 months you have to halt the usage of HGH. You have to stop using it, maybe about a year. HGH supplements can be taken again after 6 months or a year, anyway you will be the first one to know if you are back and aging. This is one of the safest technique in manipulating HGH.

Is it a SCAM?

The HGH supplement product is not a rip off in anyway. I have spent much of my time searching for the product that would be effective and safe. Most products though are full of hype and they don’t work. GMP and FDA did not give authority to these products for mass production. Being vigilant is the best solution to avoid the fake products.

My recommendations

If the topic is about anti aging solution, the HGH supplements are indeed the answer. When buying HGH you simply have to look for money back guarantees and free trial offers, it is the safest way of purchasing HGH products. This is one way of telling if the manufacturer believes if the product works according to what they say.

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